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Healthy, glowing, & rejuvenated skin is something that can make you feel confident and beautiful. Whether you want convenient hair laser reduction or to invest in new skin care products, EMME Skin Clinic in Orchard Park, NY can help you. Our Skin Clinic offers skincare products from ZO Skin Health and Neocutis, which are customizable to your skin care needs and concerns.  If you’re booking a specific service, consider starting with a consultation regarding this service to answer any questions you have prior to starting your skinvestment.

Krystle M. Collins


Krystle focuses on age and disease prevention and correction of the skin.  She is committed to provide personalized treatment plans based on your skins needs and desires as a whole through her thorough history and assessment of your face. There is not one treatment that will provide you with ongoing healthy skin.  The importance of remaining consistent and committed to your “skinvestment” will lead you to healthy and youthful glowing skin. 

The EMME Team

Delaney Shanahan

NYS Licensed Esthetician

Hi everyone! My name is Delaney Shanahan and I’m a NYS Licensed Esthetician. My passion for self care began at a young age, I can remember being gifted my first vanity at 5 years old. Ever since I was little, I loved all things beauty and came to appreciate the power of confidence in your own skin. Throughout high school, I used self care as a way to find peace and escape the craziness of life and take care of myself. 
I think there is such value in self care and prioritizing relaxation. I know that I can use my passion of both serving other and beauty for good. I set out to make every client I take on feel unconditionally beautiful and confident in their own skin. 
I am so excited for my new venture at EMME Skin Clinic and I can’t wait to share all my knowledge and love with you all!

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